The world is full of a strange power, known as Material.

The Demonius Tribe can absorb this Material into their bodies, and make use of it to become very strong. As such, the tribe used to rule the world.

On the other hand, the Humelia Tribe was not originally able to use the power of the Material.
The tribe lived only in an obscure corner of the world.

However, with the discovery of Shining Ore, which can harness the power of Material Crystals--the source of the power of the Material--the Humelia Tribe was able to build an unprecedented weapon.

This was the birth of Material Weapons.

Material Weapons gave the previously-powerless Humelia Tribe the power to defeat the Demonius King, the ruler of the world.

However, the emergence of the young Demonius King, who succeeded to the throne, drove the Humelia Tribe to the brink of extinction...

But a single knight, Yamato, and his attendant, Orka, were there to save the Humelia Tribe from the crisis...