Unleash a barrage of tremendous blows!

Battles begin when you come into contact with an enemy's symbol, or come into an enemy's field of view.

Allies and enemies alike move smoothly and fluidly in battles, with compelling animation! Battles feature the powerful Material Gun, which can store up the power of the Material to unleash deadly blows!
Lavish effects, bold and vivid, bring new excitement to every battle.

Make your favorite equipment super strong!

Using resources obtained from enemies and treasure chests, you can apply power ups to the performance of weapons and armor. The parameters of fortified weapons and armor increase, and the appearance of items when equipped changes too.

These are mysterious pots which can increase the attack strength of weapons.

Make good use of fortifying and cauldrons to build up your favorite equipment until it becomes as strong as it can be!

Battles anywhere, any time!

From the 'Battle' option on the title screen or in the menu, you can obtain resources, no matter where you are in the story. In these special battles you cannot gain EXP or Gold, but it is easier than in the main story to gain resources that can be used for fortifying and strengthening.
There is also the Labyrinth of Time, purely for achievements, where high-level enemies appear. There are many precious items that can only be obtained in the Labyrinth of Time.