About the game

A dream of finding riches
One day, a family of treasure hunters- the main characters of the game- hear that an ancient ruin, hidden since the time of the creation of the world, has been unearthed, and head to a town near the ruins, squandering a great deal of money in the hope of finding riches.
Will they in the end be able to such riches?

Introducing the fantasy RPG 'Grinsia'!
The game of course allows the player to develop their characters. What's more, the characters' expressions are animated depending on the event- they're well worth a look!
A world where everything changes between night and day As you travel through the field, time passes, and day changes to night. The monsters you encounter, and the behavior of the people in the towns, differ between day and night. If you get stuck on the quest, it's always a good idea to wait for day to become night, or night to become day, and pay another visit to one of the places you've already been to...

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