The world of Grinsia… a world created by twin Goddesses.
The elder sister created the winds and the skies, and the younger sister brought forth the land and the sea, and the many inhabitants of the world.
	The Goddesses, having completed their creation, imbued six 'treasures' with the powers they each controlled, and, to give life and energy to the world they had created, they spread the treasures across the world. By doing this they made a promise to those who inhabited the world that their peace and well-being would last forever.
Many ages have passed since then… humankind has flourished in the lands of Grinsia, which, after a series of wars, are controlled by the 'Empire'. The Empire has used machines to create an advanced civilization.
In one of the far-flung parts of this Empire, an ancient ruin, forgotten until now, has been unearthed. This ruin is where the Goddesses known in legend as the creators of the world were worshiped.
The rumor of this discovery has spread quickly, and many groups have been inspired by it. Researchers of archeology, those who believed in the Goddesses… and a family of treasure hunters...

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