In battles, once the commands have been selected, the characters act in order, the swiftest character first.
Each command has a shortcut key, and it is possible to confirm commands with a single button.
Also, if all characters are completely defeated, a grave marker appears at the point where the defeat took place, and by touching it, you can get back the experience points and gold you lost.

It is possible to use the treasure gained during the adventure as accessories.
The pieces of treasure have a range of special effects, and in addition, when the 'EX Gauge' is full, it becomes possible to make use of powerful 'EX Skills'. EX Skills are not easy to use, but they can be extremely helpful in difficult situations.
There may also be EX Skills that can only be used by combining skills...

Facilities, etc.
In towns and villages, there are of course inns where you can rest and heal any wounds you have, but there are also many other facilities, including weapon shops, and taverns where you can swap the allies who will go with you on your quest. Make effective use of the facilities when you are making preparations for the next stage of the adventure.
In addition, from the Options menu you can see lists of monsters and skills, and it is possible to check detailed information about monsters, and so on.
Will you be able to complete the lists?

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